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Our Solution for a Los Angeles Replacement Window Remodeling Company

Today’s new crop of business software makes it all possible for businesses to streamline their business operations and make it possible to improve customer service. BH Kruper Los Angeles remodeling and construction has found that DotSmart’s Intelligent Data Access (IDA) can actually be customized to create a customer relationship management or CRM software that is integrated into its IT systems.  

From online replacement window quote generation, to sales closing and client servicing, BH Kruper’s CRM software is actually comprised of two parts that is being used as congruent whole – the operational and collaborative CRM. Common to them is a central database that stores customer information and interaction history with the company.  

The collaborative side of the CRM software is integrated into the company’s website, and sends out an automated email response to customer inquiries. It also links up the website to BH Kruper’s telephone system.  

The operational part of the CRM is what BH Kruper’s sales representatives use to track their communication with customers. In a typical interaction, the sales representative makes a new entry in the database and enters the customer’s contact information and quotation request. After giving out a quotation for replacement windows, the sales representative then closes the sale, and changes the status of the database entry to “closed sale”.  

Aditionaly the CRM datebase alows them to index the sales and leads under the following specifications
1 - Material: Wood Windows Aluminium Windows Vinyl Windows Fiberglass Windows .
2 - Type of Window: • Arch WindowsBay WindowsBow WindowsCasement WindowsDouble Hung WindowsDouble Pane WindowsEnergy Saving WindowsFolding WindowsGarden WindowsRetrofit WindowsSliding WindowsSound Proof Windows.

The status change in the database sends the customer’s information to BH Kruper’s client servicing department, who then sends out a crew to measure the windows. That measuring crew then updates the information in the database and effects another change in the customer’s status. This change in status sends the customer to the installation department, who then sends out someone to actually install the windows.  

As in the case of BH Kruper, the IDA is ideal for businesses where updated information is critical for business operations. It can be customized to fit existing IT systems.

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