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Our Solution for the Paraiba Tourmaline Dealers

DotSmart Solutions offers smart and useful business solutions to e-commerce merchants. The Paraiba Tourmaline Stone Dealers are now greatly benefiting from DotSmart’s web-based Intelligent Data Access (IDA), which they now use in tracking and managing their inventory of Paraiba loose stones.  

It used to be that the Paraiba stones, which are equal parts rare and expensive, would get sent out “on memo” or “on consignment” to jewelry dealers, only to be returned to Paraiba Stone Dealers because they have not been sold. It’s not that the blue precious stones are not in demand, but a great deal of the total demand actually comes from Internet-based shoppers, not from walk-in customers of brick-and-mortar jewelry stores.  

Being a shopping site, Paraiba Stone Dealers certainly cannot afford to lack in inventory. In actual business practice, however, managing inventory means reserving the majority of stocks for the largest market.  

IDA is for businesses where data-on-demand is critical to business operations. The IDA was only recently integrated into the Paraiba Stone Dealers’ website. The management of Paraiba Stone Dealers now breathe easy – they are now able to track their inventory of Paraiba Tourmaline Rings, Pendants and Earrings. They are able to put a cap on “on-memo” orders from other jewelry dealers, thus ensuring that they will always have enough Paraiba stones for their biggest customers – the online shoppers. And since the IDA they use is web-based, they can access the information from all parts of the world. It doesn’t matter if they are on official business trips in Paraiba - Brazil, Mozambique or Nigeria. Where there is Internet connection (and this means practically anywhere in the world), they can always check the movement of the Paraiba stones and order accordingly from the mines.  

The IDA is for any business where data on-demand is critical for business operations and can be integrated in different formats.  

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